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A figure skater who was about to return back to his home, Kyushu, Yuri Katsuki.

"Remaining in, or retiring from active duty is respectively 50% and 50%", Yuri was thinking in that way, and staying at his home.

Fans were pleasantly shocked (to say the least) when this ship became canon mid-show, with many contrasting this against other sports anime that don't go past queerbaiting or fanservice-y suggestions of slash.

Korean media outlet Sunday News is reporting that Girls Generation's Yuri and Hanshin Tigers' baseball star Oh Seung Hwan are in a relationship.

Yuri on Ice has a fairly extensive cast of characters introduced over the course of its 12 episodes, from figure skaters of various nationalities to their coaches, friends and family.

Some of the key characters who appear in fanworks include: In the first episode of the series, Yuri is shown to have been infatuated with the older figure skater Victor Nikiforov since his childhood.

There’s no reason we should be starved for stories like this." Others have hit back at the accusations by pointing out that Japanese culture is not all that LGBT-friendly, and that the show's creators had clearly done everything they could to portray a genuine, positive gay relationship on-screen whilst still abiding by the censors.

Still others have pointed out that the intimate exchanges we see between the two main characters are far more meaningful and positive as a representation of gay romance than "them saying I love you in so many words".

On the 12th, Oh Seung Hwan had his first appearance in Japan's professional league.

The first episode of Yuri on Ice aired on October 5, 2016.

At the end of October, shortly after the fourth episode, there were already more than 3000 illustrations and 400 novels on Pixiv, almost 600 works on Archive of our Own, and more than 150 stories tagged "yurionice" on Wattpad.

He once had a pet poodle whom he named after Victor, a fact that the fandom picks up in many humorous works. Some members of the fanbase identify as fujoshi, and many more are generally interested in Yaoi and Boys' Love.

Without a doubt the most common ship is Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri, smushnamed to "Victuuri" (pronounced like "Victory").