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Take a look at the following list of the 7 best towns in Wisconsin for LGBT buyers.Typically referred to as the most gay-friendly city in the state, Madison, WI is also consistently named one the most LGBT-friendly cities in the nation by various sources, including well-known LGBTpublication .When she announced her Senate run last year, a Thompson consultant put out a statement calling her “a classic tax-and-spend liberal, and her ranking as the most liberal member of the House puts her clearly out of the mainstream of Wisconsin voters.”Refreshingly, though, her sexual orientation has, so far, been a nonissue, at least inside the state. “Republicans are going to say, well, she’s too liberal, and she’s from Madison,” says Maslin.“They’re going to try for a cultural wedge between her and a fair amount of Wisconsin.Many liberals were rooting for a Tea Party triumph in the four-way Wisconsin Republican Senate primary last Tuesday night.

Conservative groups are expected to pour money into the campaign—outside organizations have already spent almost 0,000 attacking Baldwin—but liberal funders will likely match them.

Instead, bucking national trends, Wisconsin voters chose an establishment figure, former three-term governor Tommy Thompson, who was consistently elected with wide majorities.

Baldwin’s bid for the Senate just got a lot harder.

“She has resources, very good resources, and in her first House races she’s proven herself to be an effective campaigner.” Many polls show Thompson ahead, but just barely, and he’s far better known than she is.

Should she win, she’ll be America’s first openly gay senator and the first woman Wisconsin has ever sent to the chamber.