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(Alternate your hands front to back.) Slighting pushing the hair to one side, the end look should be a bit messy and undone.What to Tell Your Barber: Ask for something like the short-and-choppy cut, but make sure to keep some length in your bangs.Pick a hairstyle that works for you, and then feel free to put your own current modification to make each look your own.Your hair may be a different texture or thickness from your ideal cut.

But just because you see some celebrity rocking a new, popular haircut doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

Don't sweat it—just be willing to go with the flow and rock your own modified version.

Oh, and one last pro tip: If you like these—or ANY hairstyles you see—take the photo to your barber or stylist.

This style is jagged and textured and may require a razor cut on top.

How to Style It at Home: This hairstyle should look undone and lived-in. To achieve this, use a dry shampoo (we like these 5) or texturizing spray to create that "grip" or "sceond day" (read: unwashed) look to your hair.