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As one of my old managers-turned-dear friends pointed out to me, I needed to apply some classic sales techniques to my dating life.

I needed to play the numbers game, build my pipeline, do a little trial closing. I needed to go on as many dates as possible in order to figure out what I wanted.

Keep in mind that hotlisting isn’t anonymous so every person you add knows they’ve made your list.That's the most basic summary of how Second Life works - but it can also get a whole lot more complicated.The game - or world - has its own currency, called the Linden Dollar (L$).Online dating seemed the best way to accomplish this. I’d made the mistake of putting up a profile and waiting for potential soul mates to flood my inbox.I created an online profile for myself and placed it on one of the major dating sites. Unfortunately, this technique fails just as miserably in the online world as it does in the offline world. This is something I’d never mastered in the real world, but clearly would now have to learn in this new virtual world of romance.

Virtual flirting sex games free online