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'Get out there and make noise – break the rules.' Alas, he possibly took his own advice too literally.

Signing up for a Sugar Daddy site when you are married with three children of your own is certainly breaking the moral rules, if not the legal ones.

Sugar Daddy & Babies relationship is so popular in the dating world!

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If you have made it financially or are trying to land that Sugar Baby and are looking for someone who can be with you while enjoying the finer things in life, then this is the dating site for you.

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Yes this is a dating website that lays its cards on the table: it matches rich, older men with younger, supposedly up-for-it women.

While potential 'Daddies' pay a monthly fee (there's often an extra charge if they want the website's name to stay off the credit card statement), 'Sugar Babies', as the women like to call themselves, can generally sign up for free. It's an approach that is, according to one UK Sugar Daddy website, 'Safe, Secure and Confidential'. Millionaire Doug Richard certainly wasn't on safe territory when he put his marriage, his reputation and his business empire on the line in return for the quick thrill of being a bona fide Sugar Daddy and making real his Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies.

Richard walked free from court yesterday, having been found not guilty of the charges.

The ones that Sugar Daddies are most comfortable with are often called Sugar Babies.

These are people who want to skip pass the "struggle" in life and find someone who has already made it.