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If you typed the word “position” to it it would send you an article.Not only was this completely private but it allowed Durex to plug their own products privately.This can include games, invites, animations, mobile shaking triggers and many other interactive platforms.The features of We Chat H5 demonstrate how effective this can be for We Chat marketing.After admiring the personalised page, users were then given vouchers and were told how much they had saved by using We Chat pay.The app encouraged people to pay for a treat through We Chat pay, thus ensuring that they would keep using the app.The campaign also tracked users cities and kept up with the different foods they liked.The highlight of the campaign, however, was the vouchers and savings generated.

Not only did this provide different sites to find information, but it showed anonymous statistics and figures from all around China.

H5 We Chat campaigns are a great way to generate organic traffic to your We Chat page, as well as your website.

However, they can also be very difficult to navigate and understand.

Through an H5 We Chat platform, Durex was able to grow their followers to 670k and reach 100k per article.

Despite the fact that We Chat is the largest social media app when they launched We Chat pay they were in direct competition with Alipay.