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See also our page with Memorial Stones of Burns interest in Irvine Old Parish Churchyard back to top The home of Irvine Burns Club is 'Wellwood', 28 Eglinton Street, Irvine. His autobiography appeared in 1868 and was reprinted in 1912. ** You can download the text of the research on John Kelso Hunter (by Past President Jack Lovie).This spacious and imposing building of Ballochmyle red sandstone was built in 1903. Graham Paterson, in memory of their father John Paterson, Esq. Born 20 March 1827, he passed away, aged 70, at the Union Bank House on 30 Jan., 1898. The Appendices referred to in the text can be consulted in the Club Library.

He married one of the "Mauchline Belles" and later moved to Irvine. In 1861 he was invited to the Burns Club Annual Dinner, where he was elected a member and appointed Chairman for the following year; at the 1861 meeting, on the proposal of Maxwell Dick, those present contributed payment to commission a full-length portrait of Hugh Conn, chairman on the occasion of the centenary of the Bard's birth in 1859. (by Past President Ian Dickson) John Smith (President 1843) and the Sisters of Sinai: Born c.1801, a 'product of Scotland's parish school system, which enabled clever boys from a modest background to enter the professions', he built up a legal practice and was the owner of a fine stone house ('Hamilfield' on Kilwinning Road). ** You can download the full text of the research on Captain Charles Gray. Club placed commemorative plaque in Glasgow Vennel. Founder of the South of Scotland Electricity Board? He was appointed Procurator Fiscal of Irvine in 1931 at the same time as he was President of Irvine Burns Club in 1931-32. 1936/37 James Mc Crindle: 1938 James D Bannatyne: ? 1940 /44 James Porter: Rector, Irvine Royal Academy Primary and Secondary School (1930-53). Mr Maxwell was intended to be Croupier in 1851, but ill-health prevented him; we can assume that in 1851 the health of Capt Gray was known to be poor. Longmuir * 1903 Harry Lumsden 1904 William Hall 1905 Provost Hogg 1906/07 J. Bryson * 1908 Hugh Mc Lean 1909 Wm Charles Spence and Captain Alex. 1926 John N Hall: wrote the lyrics of the Burgh Anthem in 1929 with music by Harry Lumsden. 1929 Arnold F Mc Jannet: Solicitor, Author of “The Royal Burgh of Irvine” 1938. 1932 Thomas Hall: Son of the William Hall (above) of 1904, he was admitted as a member of the Incorporated Trades in 1911 when he was a Law Apprentice. Clerk to Incorporated Trades 1943-54) 1935 George K Begg: Printer & Editor of “The Irvine and Fullarton Times” (later the “Irvine Times”) for 59 years. Father of Sir Sandy Macara, Chairman of the British Medical Association. [] 1965 James Montgomery: General Practitioner, Head of Seagate and subsequently Townhead Medical Practice. In 1848, Capt Gray was again meant to be Croupier, but the train bringing him and Patrick Maxwell was late, so they did not arrive until after the meal.