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"some of us adults actually have brain" which was just rude and general trolling. You also included how your freedom of speech was taken away, but you have to abide by that wiki policy and not call people "freakin bullies". They will also offer a handy teleport to anyone nearby." dats mean, stink * Ozank realizes yet again when he tries to talk to someone they have already left -.- * Ansela Jonla looks for pyjamas * Ansela Jonla realises that the dog walked off with her pyjama top again Hmm -! You’ll be able to hear about ongoing trials via the announcers that sit near several busy in-game locations. Did you know that in the United States about 40-60% of women suffer from extra weight (percentage depends on the state)?On the contrary, in Russia 95 % of women are slim and slender, having no weight issues.

give item ID or monster ID or Boss ID - give item or spawn monsters or bosses ?

If you not find you'r language, extract string_enus.db! When you open it, press Ctrl F and enter the name of boss, monster, item.

you can go to Runes of Magic Database - - the official database 2 If you know name of Item, Monster or Boss, you can use your Fdb extractor and extract from your this file: string_111Where the 111 must be you'r language.

It was to another one of the staff that it said to send it to when it said 'Your IP address has been blocked. - Guthixpwnz has joined Special: Chat hi proof Guys.

If you have any concerns, send it to (I don't even remember the name since it was two months ago) if you want to discuss the block." and they remained non verbal. User: Image optimisation bot can now optimise GIF animations. : D Hi Lucien Most of the animations on the wiki can have 60-80 KB shaved off, so expect to see a load of uploads from that bot tomorrow Which includes Mc G Ansela Jonla: Because the end content of both gifs is exactly the same and I think the first revision of the image to be deleted is also the same one in 120 I go, byebye !