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That includes sealed records, juvenile records, expunged records, and medical records.Answering all of the questions on the SF86 accurately is evidence of your reliability and honesty.In the military, all classified information is divided into one of three categories: In addition to the above, some classified information is so sensitive that even the extra protection measures applied to Top Secret information are not sufficient.This information is known as Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or Special Access Programs (SAP), and one needs special SCI Access or SAP approval to be given access to this information.A Top Secret Clearance with the Department of Energy, for example, would not necessarily transfer to DOD.

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All investigations consist of checks of national records and credit checks; some investigations also include interviews with individuals who know the candidate for the clearance as well as the candidate himself/herself.Under the UCMJ, the maximum punishment includes a reduction to the lowest enlisted grade, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, confinement for a period of five years, and a dishonorable discharge.The form contains a statement which you sign authorizing release of information about you to security clearance investigators.Your clearance could be denied if you conceal information.Once granted, your clearance could be revoked if they later discovered you had been dishonest in filling out the forms.

Security clearance dating foreigners reporting requirements