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In the case of one 12-year-old girl from the south west of England, he pretended to be a boy from her own school.

He uploaded naked images of one 17-year-old girl to a 'revenge porn' website, and threatened to upload others to a Twitter account he had created called 'Whores of Kik'.

Now it appears as though the multinational group is crossing into augmented reality territory with a brand new app that brings digital IKEA furniture into any room of your choosing.allows users to reimagine their space of choice with a wide variety of over 2,000 digitally-rendered IKEA sofas, coffee tables, armchairs, etc. Using Apple’s ARKit, the AR experience automatically scans the environment and resizes the 3D models based on the rooms dimensions with an astonishing 98% accuracy.

The power behind Apple’s ARKit platform also brings realistic lighting and shadows to the fabric of the virtual furniture.

Auf einen Blick können Sie sehen, welche Werkstatt zu welchem Preis in der gesuchten Region das passende Angebot hat.

Regretably it was a fantasy world which engaged with a considerable number of young and vulnerable people.'Those you were in contact with interacted with that fantasy world to their detriment.'Some of those involved appear to have moved on with their lives, some were deeply affected.

For years IKEA has been making it insanely easy for its millions of customers to furnish their homes, offices and studios with colorful furniture and affordable appliances.

Lately however the Netherlands-based corporation has been experimenting with immersive technology, from an official for some strange reason.

Doch was macht das Werkstattportal von Auto Scout24 so einzigartig?

Sie können nicht nur Werkstätten und Inspektionspreise für Ihre Region vergleichen.