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Carbon isotopes are generally measured through the use of a machine called the accelerated mass spectrometer.

A small portion of the sample is put into the machine which then vaporizes it.

Carbon-14 is a radioactive isotope formed in the upper atmosphere.

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However, RATE is attempting to fit all radiometric dating into a young earth model.Before proposing their alternate theory about the residual C dead and thus providing an age for the samples around 50,000 years, the RATE team has come up with a theory for how such an inconsistency could occur.After rejecting contamination as a possibility for the presence of background radiocarbon, the team has come up with a model in which the accounts outlined in the Bible, specifically Noah's flood, explains the observed C.3) Because all life existed at the same time, more organic carbon was present before the flood than after.4) Since there was more carbon overall, but not more C to carbon-12 was much smaller than it is today.