Psp dating sims for girls

You can get the PSP version off of Japanese PSN, and it's not a long game at all.There are also tons of full translation guides as well if you wanna challenge yourself and enjoy a fairly simple SRPG.Originally Posted by firehawk12 I guess going broader with indies, there's also Choice Of Games: Their stuff DOES have RPG/stat mechanics, but it's all text based.

Originally Posted by Just Another Otaku Might be a good opportunity to play more Photo Kano on PSP and download that f2p Dream Club on PS4.Remember, this is a chance to dabble in a genre that you otherwise might have never tried, so let's go crazy!Tokimeki Memorial, Hakuoki, Love Plus, Katawa Shoujo, and a helluva lot more. For what it's worth, I'm finally going to pick up an otome game and go crazy.I know a fair amount of people have been waiting for me to finally make the jump Ha, just finished playing Hakuoki : Memories of the Shinsengumi the other day.Really good game, though I was surprised at how little romance there actually is in this game (well, it's more like there's not much romance going on until Chapter 5, in general).