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good game,the didi-character ould be nice to see in a bigger lopgold game,i got into a serie where my morale keeps dropping,it went from 7 to 0 overnigth and it keeps doing so everyday. , the music gets pretty annoing but her moaning sounds new .More didi plesase Tip for a good start: day 1: - solo scene with catering quality option (always pick any quality option you can when doing a movie, helps her fame and increases money gained) - buy bikini and banana - rest day 2 to 10-ish: - banana scenes in the morning - spend money on "princess treatment" in the afternoon and evening (raise look and morale) - when look = 30, suntan naked at the beach instead (morning and afternoon) then make a movie in the evening (should keep her morale high enough for a good chunk of the game) - change your schedule to shop for gifts (request love) or visit doctor (feeling sick) - around day 10, buy schoolgirl outfit and switch to blowjob scene (start buying contraception too, once she got pregnant after an anal scene so you never know) Should be a smoother sailing from there. But I would be better if the audio was separated (music and sounds) I know you work hard for musicking your games but I only want to hear the girls moaning instead the music Got endings 1,2,3, and 5.For a free sex game, the graphics are top notch and the game play is enticing. BTW I didn`t track the value changes for the whole shop sections, but I think it is safe to say the gift section will raise love. I kept making wrong turns, and I got the pornstar ending all the time, or her career stalled. Have played it over & over and got all the other endings but not 6.My only issue with the game is the short length of play, really wish it would last longer. My hint is to swap one of the beauty excersises for the restaurant at each round to get the final marriage ending. Great graphics and like the idea of playing as a porn director.

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Clothes 0 Bikini 0 Schoolgirl Outfit 0 Stockings 00 Sexy Dress 00 Office Outfit 00 Housemaid Outfit 0 Glamour Dress Accesories Banana 0 Baby Oil 0 Dildo 0 Vibrating Egg 0 Handcuffs 00 Eye Cover Gifts Flowers 0 Exclusive Red Lipstick 0 Sweet Puppy 00 Mini HIFI System 00 Silver Necklace 00 Diamond Engagement Ring Cameras 00 Sayabuka 2FX 00 Vision 4K The overall rating for this game is lower than it should be. Shop - Clothes -0 Bikini (Beach) -0 Schoolgirl Outfit -0 Stockings -00 Sexy Dress (Restaurant) -00 Office Outfit -00 Housemaid Outfit -0 Glamour Dress (Club) Shop - Accessories - Banana -0 Baby Oil -0 Dildo -0 Vibrating Egg -0 Handcuffs -00 Eye Cover Shop - Gifts - Flowers -0 Exclusive Red Lipstick -0 Sweet Puppy -00 Mini HIFI System -00 Silver Necklace -00 Diamond Engagement Ring Shop - Cameras (Default Quality 100) -00 Sayabuka 2FX (Quality 1000) -00 Vision 4K (Quality 2000) Beauty saloon - Nails - = 1 Look 2 Morale Beauty saloon - Princess -0 = 3 Look 3 Morale Beauty saloon - Massage - = 2 Health 5 Morale Beach - Sun tan 1 Look 2 Morale Beach - Sun Tan Naked 2 Look 2 Morale Cinema - Popcorn and Coke - = 1 Health 1 Morale Cinema - Movie - Romance - = 1 Love 2 Morale Cinema - Movie - Drama - = 5 Morale Cinema - Movie - Horror - = 2 Morale Cinema - Movie - Sci-fi - = -2 Morale Cinema - Movie - Fantasy - = 1 Look 2 Morale Cinema - Movie - Thriller - = -2 Morale Restaurant - Eat - = 5 Health 2 Love 5 Morale Restaurant - Drink -0 = 5 Love 15 Morale Club - Dance 5 Love 3 Morale Club - Drink - = 1 Health 5 Love 5 Morale Club - Pills -0 = -5 Health -5 Love 20 Morale Club - Attention -1 Love 20 Fame 2 Morale Doctor - Prescription - = 5 Health Doctor - Full Treatment -0 = 25 Health Doctor - Vitamins - = 7 Days immune to infec/diseases Doctor - Contriceptive Pills -0 = 7 Days immune to pregnancy Stay in bed 1 Health 1 Morale The hardest thing was to get the marriage ending.4 should be easy to get just let her get sick and stay sick. So far she won`t take the engagement ring at 96 love and it does go over 100. Go for the high priced ones but keep in mind to have enough to pay for quality. Can we have a option to turn just the music off not the whole sound. There is obviously some kind of bug involving our web cookies, we shouldnt have to clear our cookies etc to stop the game getting her pregnant straight away or being sick every day no matter her health on subsequent playthroughs. I dont think there is enough time to enjoy it properly, ends too quickly. im abit disappointed that there seems to be no sex between the MC and the girl ( excluding start and end) aside from these problems i very much enjoyed it. Just one word of advice; If she gets pregnant, make sure to clear the cookies from your computer before you start again.Made a shopping list for anyone who wants to know prices for items you buy while shopping. still havent got any endings apart from pregnant and failure. If you don`t, she will become pregnant after just a few turns when you restart.Another good games by Lo P with great grapics and a novel story.Two points of critique though: - Didi repeatedly complains that she is sick, though the health stat is well above 30. - It is easily possible to achieve the best ending with only doing a handful of the movies repeatedly.