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it was me and scott in one room and nicki and paula in the room next door.During our first day in england we did all the tourist things people did, saw big ben, rode on the big ferris wheel, visited the royal palace, and even messed with the guards on the outside trying to get them to move haha because we are stupid like that.once scott said "dude we are only here for a few more days and you have yet to get with anyone just cuz of this guy, forget about him and come with me to the bar." I said " i am fine, i'll go with you to the bar but i am not gonna hook up with some random guy there." scott said "dude come one, there is no guarantee you will see this guy again but i do guarantee if you come with me to the bar you will find a hot guy to come back here with." i said "ok i will go with you to the bar but i am not making any promise." scott said "i will take it, now come on slappy." i laughed and went with him.while at the bar i did meet a few guys but again none of them did anything for me, scott was getting annoyed by me but did not be honest all i miss is the sex, i have not had any since we broke up." he laughed and so did i and i said "well that sucks." he laughed and agreed. " he then said "well i will be busy for the next 2 but if you like we can hang out the last few days you are here." i said "yeah that would be nice." he gave me his number and i gave him mine and left.we talked for about another few minutes before he looked at his watch and said "wow it is almost , listen i have loved talking to you but if i don't get home and try to sleep i will end up falling asleep in class and my teacher don't like that." i said "oh ok, it was nice talking to you." he then said "yeah i like talking to you to. the next few days me and my friends hanged out and did more stuff around london and everyone now and again me and charlie would start texting each other.

" and charlie said "um not much, being a full time student with a crappy job i don't have much money but i promise you that you will have a good time" i looked over to blake who was without a doubt in great shape, very good looking, and judging by the clothes he was wearing had a lot of money but i did not care.the funny thing was that paula left the club with a guy, he was striaght, he was just there helping his best friend who just came out of the closet meet a guy, which he did.before they left paula said "oh honey are you gonna be ok? i ate my sandwich and drank my tea slowly when the bus boy walked by to clean up the table across from me.i don't have to go." all the while the guy was standing be hind her with his hands all over her and her giggling. i was gonna go back to the hotel but scott would still be with his girl and nicki would keep me up throwing up and snoring really loud like she does. he said "hey there man, what r u doing at cafe this late at night?I said "it is ok, go and have fun." paula then said "are you sure cuz if u want i can stay." all the while she is walking away and stopping in between the sentence to kiss the guy. " i said "well i am visiting from america with friends and i can't go back to the hotel just yet cuz my one of my friends is busy with a girl in one room while another one is puking in the other, plus she snores to loud" we both laughed and he said "well that is a shame, how come no girl took you back to her place then?