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It’s simply not OK to belittle anyone based on gender.We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him.” Carlos Fleming, Newton’s marketing agent, told the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport that Dannon “has not terminated the agreement, nor do they have grounds to.” Fleming could not immediately be reached for comment by the Observer.A spokesman said the contract ended in January, and there are no plans to renew it.In January 2015, with Dannon Oikos becoming the NFL’s official yogurt, the company said it wanted a “franchise quarterback” to spearhead its marketing efforts.

[Pro] Pan/tilt, patrol, flip/mirror, 16 presets, snapshot, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, turn on audio when sound detected, no ads, alarm and pan tilt camera settings.

Foscam FI9821W V2: [Free] Support video, infrared, flip/mirror, camera auto-detect on local network.

[Pro] Snapshot, 16 presets, pan/tilt, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, no ads.

*Adobe flash is not available on the latest Android devices.

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