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Wisley Common Cattle Battle Surrey Wildlife Trust introduced cattle onto Wisley Common in order to preserve the nature of the the heath and to encourage a wider variety of wildlife. The land is still privately owned by the family of Lord Lytton, the heir to the pre-war owner before the government had leased it. Eleven new Vickers aircraft types flew their maiden flights from Wisley including the range of Windsor and Warwick bombers. The airfield, which became operational in 1944, was built for the aircraft manufacturer Vickers in order to produce and test fly heavy bombers. Despite these objections the Surrey Waste Plan was adopted in May 2008 with 17 ha of the former Wisley airfield allocated for waste recycling, storage, transfer, materials recovery and processing and the thermal waste treatment.” A recent study undertaken by academics at Cranfield University found industrial size composting sites could lead to health problems for those living nearby.

Many of the protestors object to the fact that the plant would be open six days per week and would be serviced by 36 waste lorries daily.

The liquid and solid digestates are used as fertiliser.

(1) anaerobic digestion process involves organic waste being loaded into a vessel called a digester within which microscopic enzymes naturally break down the matter using the methane produced to generate electricity.

The council has expressed surprise at the inspectors' view.

The authority is planning to build an incinerator at Capel near Dorking and another at Virginia Water and it is hoped that these new plants will be sufficient for the counties requirements.