Martial arts instructors dating students

Here in Mexico there are too many mac doyos (yes, with a Y, 'cause they don't deserve better), and this list reminds me a lot of them, as I happen to know many grand masters that fits most of these.Family oriented we are progressively structured to suit people with no martial arts experience, limited athletic or physical ability as well as the athletes or students of other martial arts systems no matter the skill level.I strongly recommended that all instructors, and prospective instructors, get hold of a copy of this most enjoyable and informative book.-- Iain Abernethy - 5th Dan British Combat Association and author of Bunkai-Jutsu: The Practical Application of Karate Kata As popular as martial arts training is and with as many how-to books on self defense that are available, there has been a serious lack of Instructor Manuals. Although it is directed primarily toward the so called "Hard Arts" such as karate, much of its material can be used within the context of the "Soft Arts" as well.

I found Martial Arts Instruction fresh, insightful, and highly informative. I have a few books along these lines on my shelves and I've found them all to be a little "academic" and "dry".Having trained over 11,000 self defense students during my career as a self defense instructor, I was very impressed with the way this author used education and management theories to train the trainer.He has an excellent background in all that he writes about and communicates it effectively.This book is a must-read for anyone endeavoring to teach the martial arts.Martial Arts Instruction: Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques in the Dojo (YMAA Publications Center, Inc.) 1997, 190 pages, ISBN 1-59439-024-X Softcover, Item# Bmainstruction Comments about Martial Arts Instruction include: What a wonderful book.