Jana duggar dating

“It is always so good to reconnect with old friends, spend quality time with family, and discover God in a new way! "Jana you are just gorgeous,” one fan wrote on the family's Facebook page.

“I’ve always thought u were the prettiest." "Not to say the others aren’t pretty in any way, Because they are too, but u have a sweet softness about you, that is just soo different." "Ur a great catch if u ever decide to Get married, he oughta consider himself very fortunate to be by ur side.” Speaking of which ...

But that changed this summer when the fans found out that he is dividing his time between his family home in Arkansas and Texas, where his girlfriend lives.

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Jacob wrote in a Facebook post, "So yeah I just wanna say that this is total bunk. One commenter wrote, "I can see the top of his underwear.Check out Jana with Josh Duggar’s fourth daughter, Meredith.Jana is not courting because she has not found anyone right for her yet.Meanwhile, after a false rumor that Jana was courting Jonathan Hartono, there have been no updates about her personal life.The last time that the family included Jana in an update post was when the family went to Silver Dollar City.