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A lot of visitors write in to this site about sleep paralysis, and learning about how they deal with their episodes or realizing that you're not alone in it can definitely be of some value.

Also, have you had the chance to talk to your roommate or any other friends about this yet? Thanks for sharing ur stories, and I'm lookin frwd to see what my doctor says. This happens to me were I can't open my eyes or scream for help, do you get vision or when it's happening do you know it's happening to you.

You give such a perfect description of what sleep paralysis usually feels like.

And now that you're experiencing episodes with some frequency, you should try to learn about why sleep paralysis happens, if you don't already know.

I'm afraid to sleep now, and don't know what to do differently.

Kevin: Hey Meghan, thanks so much for sharing this.

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It also feels like I'm being watched and a billion things are racing through my mind all at once.

What's weird is the fact that I feel like I'm going through hell while experiencing this, but I wake up feeling totally fine.

It scares me not to be able to move, I am trying so hard to open my eyes, and yell for my roommate, or pound on the have no success.

Understanding that it's the result of a very natural process and is rather common (most people will experience at least one episode at some time during their life) is the best tool to defend against the fear and anxiety that can rise up while you are in the middle of an episode, as you describe.

Another thing that may help with this is reading about the sleep paralysis experience of others.