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Or, maybe you’re deciding if you should use this site instead of the hundreds of other college sites out there. The college profiles are written by the colleges themselves, and they provide the photos, like these.

Well, that’s why we created this page: to answer your questions and prove that College Xpress is definitely the place you want to be. The college and scholarship data is from Wintergreen Orchard House, a major database compiler of college, graduate, and scholarship data.

He is now a certified educational planner with experience working with over 3,000 students.

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Ry Russo-Young was directed this movie and starring by Zoey Deutch.

Steve was the Dean of Students and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Denver.We know what college is all about-academics, personal growth, professional opportunities, and fun-because we’ve been there. Carnegie Communications is an educational publisher. Every year, thousands of students across the United States and around the world discover their colleges using our magazines and websites. We send surveys to every two- and four-year college and university in the country to collect the most up-to-date data available.When we built College Xpress, we kept all of that in mind, creating the kind of site we wish we had when we were looking for schools. We work to make sure every statistic, deadline, address-you name it-is as current as possible.”); all lists were developed using the methodologies outlined above.In our Ask the Experts and Lists and Rankings sections, you’ll find more expert advice than you can shake a stick at.