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We already have office appropriate-inoffensive and crowd pleaser scents (Gabrielle, Miss Dior 2017 etc) we don't need anymore of those. If someone sneezes because of it, they should avoid sniffing it, I think. I have just been looking for Angel samples on Ebay and I am so glad I didn't buy any, judging by the latest reviews on here. I only sprayed a tiny bit of it on me (at dinner-time during my break from working in a stuffy office) and it lasted all afternoon. This perfume is the winner of award Fi Fi Award Hall Of Fame 2007. EDIT: Wayback shows the change in notes at least by July. I tried it in Macy's or somewhere a couple years ago, when my perfume hobby was still pretty new, and the patch in it went straight toothpaste on me, and I wrote it off.

It calms me to think that we still got Aromatics Elixir and Black Orchid I thought Angel did'nt smell the same on me any more thought it was my age :) and that my sense of smell has changed since the menopause ha ha , so have now changed to the EDT which I love but I do agree that the old Angel should come back. :( As for the reformulation: they should also have renamed it since this new perfume is not the 1992 Angel any more – just reminding the awards’ winner. To protect customers from the alleged risks, as the modern legislation requires, there just should be a label saying, for instance "May cause respiratory issues" like they have to stick on cigarette packets. I am so glad Fragrantica exists as many people would be wasting their money on re-formulated rubbish. That's what everybody (including me) was talking about at the time. Not everyone around me liked it but I loved it but never bought the full bottle as I was more interested in Givenchy Organza more, although I do have my second little bottle of it..adorable. This reformulation pares 24 notes listed down to just 10. Some months later I received a sample as an extra in a swap and had the same experience, and so I REALLY wrote it off.

Go sniff and find your backups or simply find another gourmand, there are many... Angel's well known trademark is cotton candy, chocolate, Caramel, Honey and patchouli! I'll only be searching online for the old Angel, unless it still smells like the old Angel, I won't be buying the new ones, thanks a lot TM I'm so done buying this perfume :( if this current formulation is lightened down so it's not as strong as it once was then it's just not Angel or what Angel is known for, Angel is supposed to be loud, strong and bold.

For those who veered off because of its potency, fear not, it's more polite now, it projects, don't worry, but not as much. Sorry for the dramatic rant but its just upsetting to see one of the perfume I really love change so much just to pander to being another generic crowd pleaser instead of staying it's true original work of art for the sake of money It looks like the notes were changed here on Fragrantica sometime between Feb. For some reason, Wayback only has 4 captures and only for 2017.

(A friend of mine could never wear this while she was on the birth control pill) Now, do I like it? To me, Angel's patchouli is like a clean but sweaty armpit-- it's organic, natural perspiration on me. I bought a Wal-greens imposter of Angel a few years back, and I liked it very much. now at 4pm (put on at 7am) it's a powdery sugary sweet smell, a little like Flowerbomb, but much more interesting. This stuff smells silly; like something you'd buy in a novelty shop.

The imposter took the "jist" of Angel and made it linear/generic, but it works. I'm sure there are press releases and interviews out there explaining what his intention was when releasing this.

Yes, it has been reformulated, yes it's softer and more powdery. This is not the first time that the notes of Angel have changed...

it's a total mass market dumbing down of the perfume but it's no longer boozy or chocolatey. Anyhow, what I have been wearing in winter and spring had the proper and excessive amount of dirty patchouli with some sweetness I didn't care much in the background.

I just tried Angel tonight and I was expecting to love it. I am actually repulsed by it which I can't remember every saying about any other perfume. The first 5~10 minutes it smells like hippy patchouli and kind of manly, I don't know how to explain it but it was not pleasant. I have to get very close to my wrist to smell anything sweet. Super sweet/1kg belgian chocolates box / with nearly alcoholic note. Impossible to smell Angel and think it is a different perfume, it is soooooooo characteristic! I have a mini bottle of Angel and will enjoy sniffs from time to time for years.Really bummed to see all these reviews stating it's been reformulated recently. I also didn't realize it was such a polarizing scent; apparently though, I am one of the Chosen.I love this fragrance, and I get compliments from both men and women when I wear it.As for me, with the pre-reformula I remember waiting patiently for the gourmand notes of caramel, vanilla and the rest food notes to tame so I can enjoy my hippie patchouli again with honey and amber. This is a great site for genuine informations exchanges and discussions with fellows from all parts of the world but please be a little more accurate. I suppose it's possible that Fragrantica changed the web address on the Angel review page. The first Angel review here on Fragrantica was posted in Aug 2007.Now I get there faster, but I wouldn't want to miss the nuclear projection of Angel. It is just another case of customers' deception, keeping the name "Angel" when the flask does not contain the said product. And 50 (keeping voting) people voted for Nutmeg in the notes? It would be so cool to see what the listed notes were 10 years ago! 2017 off of Wayback Machine: Top notes are melon, coconut, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, bergamot and cotton candy; middle notes are honey, apricot, blackberry, plum, orchid, peach, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, red berries and rose; base notes are tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel.