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And he manages to express so much in an email without ever using an emoji, which I have started noticing because I read that we perceive people who use emojis in emails as less intelligent.I wonder if the person who authored that study is really old (which I guess is probably my contemporary, now that I’m 50.) I remember when “polls” showed Gen X has no ambition and “studies” show Gen Y are narcissists.

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There’s a reason old people sound technically incompetent: They don’t fucking care. I didn’t tell her that I think a Gen Y-er wrote that to feel important. I think he’s been reading my blog since before I was even writing it because sometimes it seems like he knows what’s in my brain before it’s even on the page.

Speaking of Melissa, she used to be my top commenter. Because she’s always been the top commenter on blog posts my last editor, Jay, said I shouldn’t post. Really, I think that data is related to the data I read in The Economist about how Gen Y women make sex too easy for Gen Y men so the men never want to get married. In a comment on my last post he said he gave up trying to win the game of life. I strive to be less game-playing and more in-the-moment-living.

Melissa’s comments were something like, “Jay is right. No one cares.” And anyway, I’ve written 500 odes to Melissa. And even though Melissa’s boyfriend is Gen X, and I really really like him, I think she should tell him she doesn’t have time for sex because she’s taking care of her huge collection of plants. But since I fail at that let me say that I wish the game of life were to send me the most great links and post the most comments on my blog. (Well, spammers would win, but they are in a different category.) And Mark’s emails to me are so heartfelt that I always think they are squandered in my in box and should be comments so everyone can see.

The “caregiver” is a genuinely warm and approachable personality that people just love to be around – family, friends, and strangers alike!

They have an amazing skill to make others feel good about themselves and, in turn, this wins the “caregiver” approval and affection from others, as well as the satisfaction of seeing people happy.