Deadline for validating european patent datingsights net

Photo by Modjou, CC BY-SA 4.0., this round of Project Grants saw many proposals seeking to “focus our efforts on the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege.” Three projects focus on creating better concrete tools to correct for inequity.The Nigerian keyboard project, for instance, will empower Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo-speaking editors with one of the most basic and powerful tools an editor needs: a functioning keyboard.A new Inspire Campaign focused on bringing in new readers—especially in countries where Wikimedia projects are not well known—will begin in January 2018.

As some committee members prepare to step down, we are seeking new members to relieve them.

At the same time, Kiwix/User Experience and Wiki In Africa/Wikifundi are taking strides to overcome the obstacles posed by limited or nonexistent internet access, making the Wikimedia projects more truly open and available for everyone.

Two projects focus on expanding our thinking, pushing the boundaries of our awareness of our own unconscious biases: Community toolkit for greater diversity will take a bold step toward educating Wikimedians about what is required to truly welcome new editors from demographics that are often underrepresented in our volunteer communities.

Photo by Zack Mc Cune/Wikimedia Foundation, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Les Classes Wikipedia will bring Wikipedia into classrooms in Abidjan, bringing students together to collaborate on content about the most notable writers in Côte d’Ivoire.

Deadline for validating european patent