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While reliable statistics regarding the prevalence of this problem in the Jewish community are not available, there are a number of protective factors that should lead to a lower incidence.

These include our community's strong emphasis on family closeness, and community support programs that provide assistance for stressed-out parents.

Not so with sexual abuse -- not to the victim or to the perpetrator.

He (95 percent are male) will almost never voluntarily seek treatment.

The fears of retribution, social isolation, physical harm, loss of family, loss of work, along with his sexual proclivities, prevent him from disclosing.

Similarly, victims of sexual abuse, unlike other victims, almost never self-disclose.

Some pedophiles also have distinct preferences within select age groups.

And one predator may abuse dozens or hundreds of children.

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Children are sexually victimized because they can be.

Young children may become more clingy and older children may develop a hostile or mistrustful attitude in relating to others.

• Impaired self-concept: Abused children may develop a sense of permanent damage, which may include feelings of shame, self-blame, and a general sense that they are unworthy of love.

The child molester is a sick person with an illness that he is unable to control or stop on his own.

He has a preoccupation and a sexual desire for young children.