Dating a traveling consultant

I love how whenever she is making a meal, she often says, "Jeffrey will love this." I imagine her cooking each night and putting aside a special portion for Jeffrey to eat when he comes home.__Does your guy travel a ton for work?

You’ve probably heard this phrase used to describe the investment banking lifestyle.

A few of my other girlfriends are dating guys who are investment bankers, and even though they don't technically travel to another city, they literally sleep at their office. The details aren’t important now, but consider this a reminder for when you start.You can expect that for every “consulting year”, you’ll rack up enough points to cover several weeks of personal vacations.Some weeks are so stressful that they go into work at 7am and don't leave until 2am the next day! It's kind of pointless to go home for a few hours, so they sleep in cots on their office floor.