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Learn about treatments for fluid in the abdomen (ascites).Advanced cancer can sometimes make fluid build up in the tummy (abdomen). Your doctor can put a small tube into the abdomen to drain off the fluid.This reduces the swelling and makes you feel more comfortable.It’s called abdominal paracentesis (pronounced para-sen-tee-sis) or an ascitic tap (pronounced ass-it-ic tap).A COUPLE who first saw sparks fly on Blind Date 25 years ago were recently reunited during a rowdy Tube journey in London - but revealed on today's Good Morning Britain they WON' T be rekindling their romance.

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Draining the fluid relieves symptoms in 9 out of 10 people (90%).

The fluid sometimes builds up again after a while so your doctor might suggest that you have medicines to try to slow the build up. You might have this treatment as an outpatient or you might need to stay in hospital for up to a few days.