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But considering she is coming back to porno world soon, would be great to see her shot content from FTVX itself since it was shot when she started getting popular in porn biz. having sex in front of camera is different from doing it in private. i even liked the mormongirlz scenes of bethany more.

Still love her FTV scenes, she has such a great natural body and those breasts are so naturally yum, I would suck on them 24 x 7 x 365 :)My other request would be to release the Nina North scene asap whom Rob dated briefly as per his claim earlier 5 days left to Dec. the preview of niax looked way better, i hope rob keeps that level.

Beautiful girl, great personality, legs for miles.2) Paige April 2009. My hope for list for FTVx: Hayden AKA Hayden Winters (April 2011)Lena Nicole (Aug 2007 and a few more up to January 2013)Sara Luvv (April 2013) Sophie Strauss (April 2007, July 2009)Violet the Original (August 2003 and many others up to June 2006) Leyden, sir, excellent choices all, especially Lena.

Voluptous, classy, likes girls.3) Alanna May Oct 2009. And as a wild card, would love to see a bloopers, BTS, outtakes edition from time to time. Which makes it all the more galling that Rob stated, as I recall, having done a shoot with her. As with Alison, he torments us with the knowledge of what he has, but will not share. I know Megan Salinas is a very long shot but she would be awesome too.

Rob shot Lacey Channing way back in early 2013 and released it in July, 2013.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a FTV-X to re-introduce her?

She backed me up against the wall her tight breast where pressed right above my abs.

I had packed some tight undershorts and made sure that I had them on most of the time to try and tame the 8" monster with a mind of its own.

I took notice of how the sweat would bead on their tan bodies as they played their activities.

Most of them wore modest shorts and long t-shirts but there was this one young t16 year old, Lacey, who mostly had daisy dukes, and short tight Ts.

This particular summer we had a lot more girls signed up than boys.

Most of these girls where hot, and the summer heat made them even hotter.