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Do you overhear comments that people make when you are out in public and wish it was socially acceptable to shake them and harangue them with brutal, biting insults because what they just said was so ridiculous that there is really no other way?

If you answered yes to any of these, or if you are even a little bit curious to see if you could, come on down and see what a misanthrope your really are.

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You are wise and strong, and you never back down in the face of danger.

it is the only series I will read in school if you know what at points mean I got 214 thanks to these books I am still getting more points and I have the most points in hanlon howard a elementray school and I am only in 5th grade ie will go to 6th grade in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Wind Clan cat sure looks nice ;) (()I LOVE warriors.

Are you in a constant state of annoyance due to the stupidity of others?

When some random teeny-bopper opens his or her mouth with what he or she thinks is insight, do you cringe in anticipation of what may very well be the new stupidest thing you have ever heard?