Are diane keaton and keanu reeves still dating

The character of Annie Hall – complete with kooky mannerisms and self-deprecating sense of humour – was based on Keaton herself.

Winning the Oscar for Annie Hall was overwhelming: ‘I was like a deer in headlights – like Jennifer Lawrence when she fell down [as she went up the steps to receive her Oscar]. I didn’t know what to make of it.’ She describes Woody as ‘a huge mentor’ in her life.

We talk often on the phone.’ Perhaps surprisingly, Keaton, now 67, has never married. ‘I think they got to know me and realised, “Oh, jeez, she’s like…”’ She tails off. [She mimics herself] “They didn’t like me,” “Why am I not good enough?

‘I remember Woody saying, “Living with you is like walking on eggshells.”’ Why did he say that? ” “I didn’t get the part.”’ I guess that’s why you were so perfect for his films.

Jennifer died in a car accident in 2001.2004Keanu Reeves was rumored to be dating prostitute/kiss and tell groupie best known for shagging John Terry Emma Kearney.

She claimed she had sex with Reeves when he was in Sydney filming "The Matrix".

She is wearing black heels and black-and-white spotted socks that match her alternate black-on-white and white-on-black spotted nails. As a girl growing up in California, the daughter of Jack Hall, a real-estate broker, and his wife, Dorothy, an amateur photographer, Keaton had idolised Allen for years before moving to New York to study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse and to moonlight at nightclubs with a singing act.

So I looked at her and thought, “That will never happen to me.” 'But you know what?March 2012 Keanu Reeves was rumored to be dating Roger Garth.In Italy it is very well known that they dated because they have been seen by some italian paparazzi (Dagosia) walking together on Rome streets more than once.” But, then, if it’s a man, are you supposed to have a relationship? So at the age of 50 she adopted a baby girl, Dexter (now 17), and a few years later a boy, Duke (now 12). You want to be around for their twenties because that’s a tough time.’ Keaton is the first to describe herself as something of an oddball: ‘I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist.She says that much as she adores them, the situation is far from ideal. I do think it’s important to have a male presence, a father who loves those children. I do things that are a little bit off the beaten track.’ Even her dress sense displays that.

Are diane keaton and keanu reeves still dating