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It reveals there actually came a time when park officials grew frustrated with Jelly and began looking for alternative promoters.

The album starts innocently enough with "Horchata," a quintessential Vampire Weekend track, capturing their strange mix of eclectic auxiliary percussion and Ezra Koenig's diaphanous tenor (echoes of Paul Simon's Graceland can be felt throughout).The lyrics on this track are the best the band has composed yet, and it shows there is still much substance in their music once the initial curiosity of their anomalous sound dissipates.Vampire Weekend is two for two, and they are only getting better.As far as modern rock bands go, there is no better, and they successfully found a way to evolve the rock sound while maintaining its garage rock roots.The brains behind the band is Julian Casablancas, a rich kid with rich parents raised in a rich part of New York City.

Andrew vanwyngarden dating kirsten dunst