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• The Independent Commission for the Judiciary • The General Legal council • The Legal Aid Council • The Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Board • The Supreme Court Rules Committee • The Resident Magistrates’ Committee • The Administrator General Advisory Board • The Justice Training Institute Advisory Board • The South East Regional Health Authority • North East Regional Health Authority • Southern Regional Health Authority • Western Regional Health Authority • Pharmacy Council • Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital Management Committee • National Health Fund • National Education Trust • Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning • Tourism Enhancement Fund • Jamaica Tourist Board • Tourism Product Development • Jamaica Vacations Limited • Devon House Development Company • Spectrum Management Authority Limited • E-Learning Jamaica Company Limited • Universal Services Fund Company Limited • National energy Solutions Limited • Board of Examiners • Coconut Industry Board • Trade Board • Petrojam Limited • University Council of Jamaica • Teacher Appeals Tribunal • Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management • Jamaica Fire Brigade • National Solid Waste Management Authority • Social Development Commission • E-Gov Jamaica Company Limited • University Hospital of the West Indies • Board of Supervision • National Honours and Awards Sub- Committee of the Cabinet • Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica • Apprenticeship Board • Jamaica Library Service • Transport Authority • Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) • Aeronautical Telecommunications Limited (AEROTEL) • Airport Authority of Jamaica • Bank of Jamaica • Jamaica Racing Commission • National Insurance Fund • Jamaica Ultimate Tyre Company Limited • Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission Members of the Boards The Independent Commission for the Judiciary • Leighton Mc Knight • Minna Isreal • Michelle Robinson The General Legal council • Justice Patrick Brooks • Nicole Foster Pusey QC • Patrick Foster Mc Donald • B St Michael Hylton, OJ, QC • Pamela Benka-Coker • Alan Wood, QC • Walter Scott, QC • Denise Kitson, QC • Ransford Braham, QC • Lowel Morgan • Hilary Reid • Richard Ayoub • Janet Morrison • Donna Scott- Mottley • Saverna Chambers • Adley George Duncan, Snr • Linton P Gordon The Legal Aid Council • Jacqueline Cummings — Chairman • Justice Evan Brown • Lisa Palmer Hamilton • Monique Harrison • Nardia Andrews • Ian Max Cooke • Maurice Saunders • Michelle Champaigne • Dr Anna Perkins • Nancy Anderson • Tamekia Harris • Ray Palmer • Anya Jones The Criminal Records (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Board • Oswald Burchenson — Chairman • Reverend Michael Allen • Bishop Dr Wellesley A Blair • Collin Pinnock • Joyce Stone The Supreme Court Rules Committee • The chief justice — Chairman • President of the Court of Appeals • Justice Gloria Smith • Director of State Proceedings • The Solicitor General • Jacqueline Samuels- Brown, QC • Sandra Minott-Phillips, QC • Ian Wilkinson, QC • Charles Piper QC • Carol Aina The Resident Magistrates’ Committee • Stephane Jackson Haisley — Chairman • Dale Staple • Simone Wolfe Reece- • Jacqueline Cummings Gordon-Martin • Althea Mc Bean The Administrator General Advisory Board • Rev Renard White — Chairman • Rose Phillips- • Marie Wint-Mckenzie • Marlene Aldred • Nadine Wilkins • Henry Pratt The Justice Training Institute Advisory Board • Justice Zalia Mc Calla — Chairman • Kathlene Arnold • Carol Aina • Ruby Brown • Nancy Anderson • Tamika Harris • Sharon Neil • Ian Wilkinson • Norman Davis The South East Regional Health Authority Board • Philip Armstrong — Chairman • Dr Norman Dunn — Vice Chairman • Philip Henriques • Lisa Lewis • Carolyn Chuck • Peter Jervis • Dr Patrice Charles- Freeman • Owen Palmer Western Regional Health Authority Board • Tony Hart — Chairman • Merrick Fray • Glen Lawrence • Osmond Clarke • Mark Kerr- Jarrett • Dennis Meadows • Sheona Muschett • Candice Craig • Dr Jeffery Reid- National Health Fund • Christopher Zacca — Chairman • Paul Hanworth • David Lowe • Brian George • Stephen Skyes • Dr Shane Alexis • Cecile Watson • Lyndsdey Watson National Education Trust • Nicholas Scott — Chairman • Ann- Marie Vaz • Alicia Bogues • Marvin Hall • Jacqueline Lechler • Collin Newman • Juliet Barrett — Auditor • Senator Matthew Samuda • Elon Parkinson • Nadiya Figueroa • Vanessa Khouri • Davor Bailey • Ian Boyne Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning • Warren Newby — Chairman • Richard Porteous • Christine Brown • Whitney Smith • Donna Mc Claren • Candice Newman Kong • Markel Virgo • Tova Hamilton • Damani Johnson.

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View the catalog record [Confederate States of America. Virginia Infantry Regiment, 17th.] Extract from mss. Entries describe the regiments marches through Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Ivor Station, Suffolk, Chesterfield County, Caroline County, Culpeper Court House, Winchester, Front Royal, and Washington County, Virginia, and into Tennessee and North Carolina. View the catalog record [Confederate States of America.