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Much like the pegs in a music box cylinder activate the notes, in a drum sequencer, as the drum of the sequencer spins, the pegs run across switches activating machine processes.The placement of the pegs along the length of the cylinder determine which switch along the length of the drum it will activate.Most cam timers use a miniature mains synchronous motor to rotate the mechanism at an accurate constant speed.Occasionally more complex timers with two motors are seen.Using feedback and external time delay and other sensory circuits, it is possible to build an electromechanical state machine using a cam timer.

An electric motor drives a shaft on which is arranged a series of cams or a drum studded with pegs along its surface. The motor rotates at a fixed speed, and the camshaft is driven through a speed reducing gearbox at a convenient slow speed.They are gradually being superseded by microprocessor-controlled systems, which have greater versatility, and thus can more easily respond to various feedback.Another example is the usage in electro mechanical pinball machines, where the Cam timer is also known as a 'Score Motor' The most basic type of cam timer rotates continually, which is not suitable when needing to wait for events that occur at variable times.You will NEVER be asked to pay anything; we want to bring people together, not steal your hard earned money.Free adult chat rooms Featuring adult dating services with webcams and adult chat for men and women.